Making “The Windy City” Home [Chicago]

News update.

Well, many of you may have wondered where I migrated to, what I’m up to now, or possibly why I haven’t written since early September. Much to my delight, I was offered a job in Chicago at one of the world’s largest media advertising agencies. My parents helped pack me up and move just days after I accepted the job, and dad maneuvered the U-Haul through rural and city highways and streets to get where I am now.

The job.

Here’s a little bit about what I do. I work at OMD, which is located at 225 N. Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago. To get to work, I take the Express CTA bus from my apartment to downtown, but I can also take the train if I’d like. My title is Assistant Strategist, and I work on the State Farm and Morton Salt accounts. Located on the 19th and 21st floors of a plaza building, the view of OMD is amazing, but none have enough time to just sit back and relax. I already appreciate the work ethic and dedication to the company by my coworkers. I sit at a desk with another Assistant, so we as recent graduates can relate well. Much to my surprise, another employee who sits next to me mentioned she worked at the same place I did in London and we lived in the same building when we were there at our respective times. Small world, eh? The first week was a good learning experience, and I anticipate a lot more to fill my notebook and brain before I get a full grasp of the position.

The condo.

When my parents came to move me, we looked around at several places, but I settled for a wonderful view, which is an important thing for me in a living space. I live in Buena Park, which is north of downtown, quite close to Wrigley Field. With a view of Lake Michigan, I can easily watch sailboats leave the marina and see the waves pick up as the wind moves in. I’m most happy with where I live, and it’s nice to start again fresh. Here’s just a taste of what I see (click to enlarge).

If you’d like my mailing address, comment here and I will send it to you, or email if you’d rather.

The city.

“Why Chicago?” people ask. Well, it probably wasn’t a choice based on weather. After living in London all summer, I knew I wanted to live in a big city, and that happens to be where the best jobs are. I feel like I got a good deal working with OMD and living in Chicago as well. It’s about 1.5 flight from home, but provides so many things I never had in Kansas. My view of the lake makes it seem like I’m on the coast, and the city has everything you would ever need (they even have a couple Jayhawk bars!) So far, I’ve gone out a few times to get to know people, and I’ve met several through open gym volleyball. I feel like coworkers will become great friends as well.

Keep in touch as I continue to get to know the city and job, or even better, visit!

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