A Month In: Rating the 3rd-Largest U.S. City [Chicago]

As of today, I’ve been a Chicago resident for 42 days. To recap those 42 days and 41 nights, I’ve put compiled some of my favorite and least favorite things about The Windy City. As with anything, there are both pluses and minuses..

Chicago itself…


  1. Its size. Not a let down after post-London living.
  2. The people. Midwestern values in a large city feels welcoming.
  3. It has everything. Anything you would want to do, buy, see..Chicago has it.
  4. Location next to Lake Michigan. It feels like the ocean on the east coast.
  5. Parks, trails and recreational activities. A running trail, golf course, tennis courts and sailboating is right outside my window.


  1. Wind. Its location next to the lake does cause a chilly, startling wind.
  2. Taxi drivers. Disrespectful, and drive like maniacs.
  3. The amount of homeless on the streets. Wish there were more shelters for them. (see my last post)
  4. Lack of local grocers and fresh produce stores.
  5. Some parts of the CTA (transit). Trains are especially out-of-date and crowded.

Work at OMD…


  1. The people. Everyone is young, which is a comfort feeling after coming out of college.
  2. The benefits. The company has a lot more than just health benefits.
  3. Goal setting. My recent goal/development plan for next year is both challenging and attainable.
  4. Training. Employees, webinars and conferences all have taught me so much in the first month.
  5. High-profile clients. Worldwide-known clients are what make OMD successful.


  1. Space. Because of a LOT of new hires, the company has been stretched thin on space.
  2. The server. After a recent power crash, the server has been a bit slow!
  3. The temptation to eat not-so-healthy foods and candies..
  4. The inability to get to know everyone. There are so many people there, it’s impossible to meet everyone!
  5. Inability to enjoy the nice weather (when it is nice, that is.)



  1. My view. Lake Michigan and sailboats are a nice to wake up to.
  2. Proximity to the bus stop. Just a hundred feet away is my ride to work.
  3. The neighborhood. It feels young, sophisticated and safe.
  4. Closeness to the Lake Shore running trail.
  5. Space. My apartment is the perfect fit in terms of room.


  1. The wind, again. The cool lake breeze cools up the apartment.
  2. Location next to two elementary schools. Little kids in the morning can be loud and crazy!
  3. Internet/TV service. It’s a little bit sporadic.. and it blocks certain music websites and programs.
  4. Noise. The elevator can be heard in my room during the night, but I’ve grown used to it.
  5. Traffic outside of the apartment. The highway in the morning is packed with rush traffic.


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